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If you travel a lot, then you'll want to fly over to and download their killer air-, hotel-, and car-rental tool. It's free and it works! It'll live on your desktop and just wait for you to get the bug to travel, then spring to life with one side of the page asking for dates and destinations, and the other side for the details once you make a choice. This thing is cool! It helped me find a $83 ticket for the same search above. Again, this one also gives you hotels and car rentals as well.
Mobissimo 924
Mobissimo kills it when it comes to making airfare comparisons. They have one nicely designed page that simply asks you where and when you want to go -- and that's it. It takes a little while to scour the big players (see this complete list), but it returns you a nice page with easy to read results. Pretty dope. I found a ticket from LAX to OAK for $120 round trip on one day’s notice. Not bad. 822
Now that you know where you're going, it's time to do it up right and sit in the best seat in the house-- er, um, plane. is an amazingly interesting and addicting site that will give you minute details as to which seats in which airplanes are the best to sit in. The site lays out all the planes for the major airlines by make and model then gives you color codes as to which seats have the most leg room or are particularly cool, which have things to look out for (no window, try table in the armrest, etc.) so you can make the best decision possible.